Tom Strachan (1973–29 August 2022) was an Australian businessman and a founder of AWX,

which specialises in labor hire.[1] AWX was founded in 2000 by Strachan

Tom Strachan packed a lot into 49 years – from a “horse whisperer”, to a labour hire entrepreneur who made the Financial Review Young Rich List, to a grazier

In 2013 the Business Review Weekly (BRW) estimated he was worth $25 million.[3] The following year, he was worth $15 million.

Mr Strachan, who died in a light plane crash on Monday alongside his 20-year-old son, Noah, and long-time pilot

I’m going to say he was my best mate, but there’ll be 50 people in Brisbane today who’d say, ‘No, he was my best mate’

He was that sort of guy,” said Tim Samway, the former chairman of Hyperion Asset Management whom Mr Strachan convinced in 2019 to partner

backing from Rich Lister Terry Snow, that company – Packhorse Pastoral – raised $100 million and acquired 30,000 hectares across Queensland and NSW