Ankita Bhandari Murder – Ankita’s last chat: 10 thousand Rupees offer for additional service, bid to Manager..

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Ankita Bhandari Murder Case: New revelations are being made one after the other in the Ankita murder case in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Several WhatsApp chats of Ankita Bhandari and her friend went viral on social media on Saturday. In these, Ankita has told a lot about a guest who comes there and Ankit. She wrote several times that she would no longer work here. Ankit asks him to do many wrong things.

Ankit used to threaten him that if he refused the customers then there would be a fight here. He threatened that he would fire her. Ankita wrote that it is a very dirty hotel, I am feeling very unsecured here. Ankit tells me to give ‘special service’ to the VIP guests. I will not work here… In the chat, friend kept asking to call Ankita again and again but she kept refusing. Ankita said that if the voice comes, Ankit will come here.

Ankita had said these things to her friend on WhatsApp. The friend asked to explain and call, but due to fear she could not talk to him any more. All these things happened between the two on September 17 i.e. a day before Ankita’s death.

Ankita said that… Ankit is saying that you have to handle the guest. If you don’t, then you will be fired from work and will keep another girl. The friend asked who said this to Aryan, then Ankita agreed. Friend explained to Ankita that they will not remove her..don’t worry.

Very dirty hotel, I don’t want to work here. Sources say that considering this chat as the primary evidence, the police have taken the accused into custody. DGP Ashok Kumar told the media that it was evident from the chat that Ankita was under pressure to do wrong.

Resort owner Pulkit Arya had lodged a missing report of the girl. The ASP said that on September 22, the case was transferred from the revenue police to the Laxmanjhula police station.

Uttarakhand SDRF has recovered the body of Ankita Bhandari from the Chila canal in Rishikesh on Saturday morning. The SIT will now investigate the matter.

After the discovery of Ankita’s body on Saturday morning, the anger of people is visible everywhere in the state. People protesting on the streets are demanding the hanging of the accused.

At the same time, the post-mortem of Ankita Bhandari’s body was done at AIIMS Rishikesh on Saturday. In the preliminary post-mortem report, several marks of injuries have been found on Ankita’s body. However, according to the preliminary post-mortem report, Ankita died due to drowning in water.

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