ITR Filing Date Extended, will Income tax department extend the last date for filing ITR

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ITR Filing Deadline 2023:- As you all know, the deadline for ITR filing keeps changing every time, however, it is not a good thing to sit without worrying about it, if the last date of ITR filing does not change, then all of you may also have to pay a penalty for filing ITR, so according to us, it is a good thing in such a situation that without any delay, get the ITR filed before the last date i.e. before the last date, although now the deadline for filing ITR is last. The date is till 31 July 2023.

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Will date of filing ITR be extended?

ITR Filing Highlights

  • Last date for filing ITR is till 31st July Last date for filing income tax return.
  • ️If you file income tax return after then penalty can be imposed.
  • ️So file Income Tax Return ITR ITR before the deadline.
  • ️Income Tax e-filing portal has received more than 2 Crore income tax returns (itrs) for (AY-2023-24)

ITR filing date extended

So let me tell all of you that the time has come to file income tax return once and for all the taxpayers, the last words are the financial year 2022 to 2023 (Financial Year 23) then the assessment year 2023 to 2024 AY The deadline for filing ITR income tax return for two to three (AY24) is from this month or not, however, the last date for filing ITR ITR filing deadline is July 31, 2023, as the last date for filing ITR There is some change in the debt every financial year.

Will date of filing ITR be extended

If all of you taxpayers are sitting comfortably on his trust, then you may have to pay the fine, then according to me, the good thing is that all of you should get your ITR filed before the last date without racing any sign. The important thing is that the most important thing to keep in mind while filing ITR is how to find out the taxable income and today we are going to tell the same thing to all of you taxpayers.

It is very easy for the Employee people to do ITR filing. (ITR filing date extended)

Let us tell you that in today’s time there are many people who are required to file ITR who do more than one business, which includes rental income, rental income, salary, stock market or trading app. And there is earning from Mutual Funds (Share Market, Trading Apps and mutual funds income), YouTube income etc. (ETC). You all would know that under the Income Tax Act, taxable income means all the total taxable income divided into 5 levels as income from house property, income from salary, income from business, income from online and different types of income. income is included.

If you are an employee and your income is thinking only and only salary, then there is a need to file ITR but there is no need to take much tension because Salary Yogi can find out taxable income from Form 16 for people and without any ITR filing of penalty can be done and if tax is not deducted in Form 16 yet, then some salary tax exemption and deduction etc. details have to be given as well, in a way, Form 16 is also an important document of DDS.

If you are a tenant, then you will show income from rent income like this

ITR filing date extended

As you know, apart from salary and salary, rent is the maximum source of income for most of the people. Indian public is a very good investment avenue for people. People buy all the houses and rent it out according to their own income Let’s continue the source of this category three things are very important that all of you have to see here whether your property is self occupied or rental property otherwise states in the scope of rental or rental property if you all know Self Occupied Property is that.

In which the property is owned by you i.e. that person, if you have more than 1 property, then you can accept any one of them as self-occupied land. And only then the income coming from this self-occupied property cannot be considered as income if there is any type of home loan running on it, then interest i.e. up to more than Rs 2 lakh on interest and payment of principal amount of 80C. Under even maximum 1.5 lakh tax exemption will also be selected if you know that the property given on rent is called rental property and the same SC property which is not selfie fight occupied and is not even rented. “Deemed to be let out” means the property said to be availing rent.

Tax will have to be paid even if your earnings are from the stock market

So all of you people do not know that whatever income you get from the stock market does not have to be taxed, so do not forget to read this even by mistake, if you do not forget to read this even from apps like house shop mutual fund and share market, trading etc. It is mandatory to pay tax on the income earned from purchase and sale, if the profit made from their sale is called capital gains tax, for how long you can sell them after waiting for the weight, this will determine the capital gain in a way. Let us tell you all that there are two types of capital gains like long term capital gain (LTCG) and short term capital gain (STCG) where do I go, long term capital gain (LTCG) and short term capital gain. (STCG) Different types of income tax rates are fixed separately for both of them, so in this way all of you have to pay income tax accordingly.

What type of option do Taxpayers get to pay tax now?

So there are most people who have many businesses other than jobs, such people who are earning income from any kind of money or business, otherwise it is necessary to tell the income category from business or money. Income coming from other sources like I get from bank accounts, insurance company, PENSION, stock market and trading, mutual funds, dividends from income coming from bank bank FD etc. In this way you can find out the taxable income of your total income.

However, now the benefit of tax deduction can also be availed under 80D 80C etc. At present, taxpayers are allowed to choose only one of the earlier tax system and the new tax system, that is, exemption is available for choosing the new tax system, about 70 If you go on turning away from type of tax deduction (70 Types of Tax) and exemption, then all you taxpayers can also find out according to your total taxable income, which system will be beneficial for all of you.

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