India and porn Chhattisgarh: Minor watches porn for hours, then rapes and kills 10-year-old girl

Teenager rapes 10-year-old girl: A 17 year old boy kept watching porn for hours and then. The news of a 10-year-old girl being raped and murdered allegedly by a juvenile addicted to pornography in Chhattisgarh has sent shock waves in the minds of many.

Let us tell you that Kishore’s statement that he watched porn for hours before committing the crime, has also raised the old demand of banning porn in some circles.

As you all know, the apparent suppression campaign by suspected bot accounts represents one of the first major disinformation tests for Twitter since Elon Musk bought the platform. And billionaire Musk has personally vowed to wage a much bigger war against bots and spammers, though: for all you know, Twitter has also cut more than half of its staff, fighting bad actors in the United States and abroad. Concerns have grown over the company’s ability to cope.

Especially considering the frequency with which similar stories make headlines.

However, is there really a link between pornography and sexual violence? And what do the experts say?

Let us understand this expert today:

India and porn videos

So let’s first briefly look at the relationship between India and porn.

Let us tell you that watching porn is not illegal in India, but there is already a ban on its production, publication and distribution.

According to statistics, it has been found that in 2019, more than 89 percent mobile phone users in India have watched porn on their mobile phones.

It should come as no surprise given the fact that India has over 750 million smartphone users and – let me tell you – this figure is expected to cross 1.2 billion by 2026, although growth is also taking place in rural areas. – And mobile internet data packs have become the cheapest in the world.

However: pornography and sex-related sites were all but censored by China when it began cracking down on the Internet several years ago, Smith said, making it less likely that sex Spam tweets advertising services are the work of random, private individuals.

“So there’s (Teenager rapes 10-year-old girl) no proper kind of research that we can do to find out whether porn causes violence or not. We can show students porn in the lab and see if they give someone more electric shocks, but will the findings apply to people in the real world?” the piece asked.

Since the end of last week and into Monday, a nonstop stream of requests, images of scantily clad women in suggestive poses and seemingly random words—searches in Chinese for major protest sites including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Guangzhou—and sentence fragments. Many of the tweets reviewed by Nayasaveraa on Monday came from accounts that were created months ago, don’t actually follow any other accounts and have no followers of their own.

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