PM Narendra Modi lists out five pledges for India to fulfill its dreams by 2047

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‘This Amrit kaal is providing us a golden opportunity to fulfil the dreams and goals of this aspirational society ‘ Modi said (ANI).

15 Aug 2022 (PM Narendra Modi lists out five pledges for India)

° PM Modi said, ‘Five pledges for 2047 are having developed India,removing any sign of servility,pride in heritage,unity & fulfilling our duties’.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on the occasion of independence the completion of 75 year of Independence was a time to step towards a new direction with a new resolve. An aspiration society is important for any nation.Today, “we are proud that these aspiration are present in every household in India.Every citizen is enthusiastic, impatient for the fast progress of new India,”he said.

“This Amrit kaal is providing us a golden opportunity to fulfil the dreams and goals of this aspirational society,”Modi said.Prime Minister Narendra Modi also listed out five pledges ”Panchpran’ for every Indian to fulfill freedom fighters ‘dream by 2047.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday urged people to focus their energy on the five resolutions of making India a developed nations, removing every trace of bondage,taking pride in its heritage and unity ,and fulfilling duties in the next 25years.

“By the 100thbyear of Independence,we have to work with the vision of accomplishing what our freedom fighters dreamt of,”he said while addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 76th Independence Day.

“I urge the youth to dedicate the next 25 years of their lives to the development of the nation.We will work towards even the development of the entire humanity.That is the strength of India,”he said.

Modi said India will have to move ahead with big goals to fulfill the vision of a developed India in the centenary year of its Independence.

“we need to now move with a renewed focus and resolve for the next 25 years,and this can be made possible through the strength and determination of 130 crore Indians.”

Modi said the world looked at Indian with pride and hope,and as a problem -solver.
“The world looks at Indian as a destination where aspiration are met,”he said.

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